Authentication for all

Secure and convenient 2FA using mobile push notifications and FIDO encryption.

Simple & Secure

Mobile push 2FA

Better access security for customers, partners and employees.

Easy setup

Super Gluu is supported by the Gluu Server out-of-the-box -- simply turn it on!

High security

FIDO U2F encryption adds a challenge and response to each 2FA transaction.

Simple to use

Make strong access security as easy as approving a push notification.

Easy Setup

How it Works

Supported by the Gluu Server out-of-the-box -- simply turn it on!


Deploy the Gluu Server

Install the Gluu Server for single sign-on (SSO) to web and mobile applications.


Enable Super Gluu

Turn on Super Gluu as an available mechanism for two-factor authentication (2FA).


Download the app

Download the Super Gluu app from the iOS or Android app store.


Enroll & Sign in

Initiate sign in, scan the QR code, and tap "Approve" to enroll your device. Push-notifications are sent for all subsequent 2FA events.

Simple UX

Designed for usability

Improve security and reduce user friction with mobile push 2FA.

2FA for All

Simple & affordable pricing

Free with ads

Strong security for all your people, free of charge.

Get Started

End-users can remove ads with an in-app purchase of $1/mo.

Ad-free & custom branding

Enterprise-ready for customers, partners, and employees.

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Add self-service 2FA

Empower users to manage 2FA devices and account security preferences with Casa.

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Frequently Asked Question

Can Super Gluu be used for passwordless authentication?
Yes, Super Gluu can be configured to support a passwordless authentication workflow where the user scans a QR code for each sign in, or simply enters a username and approves a push notification.

Can I customize the look and feel of Super Gluu?
Contact us to discuss customizing Super Gluu for your organization.

Can Super Gluu be used for digital signing?
Yes, contact us to discuss your project and requirements.

Is Super Gluu free to use?
Yes! Super Gluu is free to use with advertisements. Ads can be removed with an in-app purchase of $1/month, or in bulk with a license from Gluu.

How can I offer users self-service for Super Gluu?
Gluu offers a separate platform, called Casa, which provides a self-service portal for end-users to manage their 2FA devices, including Super Gluu, FIDO security keys, and OTP apps like Google Authenticator.

Where can I use Super Gluu?
Super Gluu can be used to improve access security for any web or mobile application that leverages your Gluu Server for single sign-on (SSO).

How can access to Super Gluu be secured?
Super Gluu can be protected by pincode or biometric unlock to increase security.

Improve access security
with Super Gluu 2FA!